Athletic Movement
is founded and created
by Justin Robbers.

Athletic Movement is literally translated to move athletic in your daily life.



Justin Robbers

Certified Personal Trainer

Athletic Movement is founded and created by Justin Robbers. It’s literally translated to move athletic in your daily life. I am a certified Personal Trainer. In the past I always did sports. I played soccer, ice hockey, kickboxing and I worked out in the gym starting at the age of sixteen. When I was working out I was at the gym lifting weights, but when I got older I transferred from the gym to an outside gym. I started with calisthenics. Calisthenics is a way of working out with your own bodyweight. I was always an all-rounder at sports. I love to play basketball and I often swim. In other words, I love to do sports and exercising as well.

After all that, I had the dream to have a career as a soldier of the Special Forces in the Dutch Army. I did take part in multiple try outs and I would start in February 2016 with the airmobile infantry but instead I decided to follow classes to be an Personal Trainer. I had to begin from the start as an Fitness instructor level 1, then Fitness Instructor level 2. After that was Master Trainer level 3 and at last Personal Trainer. I have my degree as a certified Personal Trainer.

Currently I am taking some classes to expand my knowledge and to learn more about the human body. With these classes I want to guide some clients with a different amount of injuries. From lower back injuries, to shoulder problems, to knee problems, but also clients with obesitas and diabetes type 1 and 2. I also finished the class SAQ. That stands for Speed, Agility and Quickness, but I’m also working with core stability and mobility. To find the perfect balance in your body, so you can control you body.

I will help my clients to reach their goals in a way of training to prevent injuries and so that they can be functional in their daily life with a good posture as well. During the year I have created my own vision of what I wanted to do with my company. I don’t want to work in a fitness gym and work on their terms, I want to do it my way with my own space and equipment.

I am that type of person who always helps and motivates people. I want to share my passion with them, guide and help them into a healthy lifestyle with fitness and movement. I was always that person who never gives up no matter what and that’s what I want to give to my clients.