Performance Training

As a top athlete, you want to be the best you can be?

In the off season but also during the season?

You can have a performance session and we will make you stronger and faster. We will train you to reach a top performance in your sport and to prevent injuries. The Performance Training sessions will be for every kind of sports. We are going to find your strengths but also your weaknesses. Your strengths will be better and your weaknesses will be improved or you will have no weaknesses at all. We are going to train your body to prevent injuries so you can achieve the top of your level. Every athlete wants to avoid an injury. During every session we are going to train specifically in your sports area so you can reach that top performance. We are going to work with the basic fundamentals like: the muscular body, coordination, agility, endurance, speed and power. In other words your strength. We are going to work on explosive power and speed. With that combination you will be functional and athletic, you will also be strong and fast. Furthermore we will also work with SAQ, core stability, balance and mobility. Hard work beats talent if the talent does not work hard.

It never gets easier.


The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow