The services I am providing are: Personal Training, Performance Training, Duo Training, Group Training and at last I will give workshops to the community and schools.

You will get professional guidance every session and I will share my knowledge with you. I will give you my full support and I’m willing to motivate you in every way thats possible. When you start a training with me, we will first have an interview and then we fill up an contract. Then we will develop a plan for your goals and I will make a custom training schedule. The first session will be measured with strength and stamina. Every session I will help you, guide you, support you, coach you and motivate you in any way possible so that you can reach your goals. Another thing is good nutrition. 80% is nutrition and 20% is working out. I am not going to focus on nutrition, so if you want guidance with nutrition I will direct you to a nutritionist.
Every workout will take 90 minutes of exercise unless we agreed otherwise. The sessions will be taking place at Big Gym in Groningen at this moment. If you are taking multiple lessons with me then I recommend to be a member at Big Gym.