I will give workshops to the community and high schools.

I would like to teach them what to do with your body.

That exercising is important now a days because almost 14% of the youth between the age of four and seventeen has overweight and 2,7% has obesitas. In the last couple of years the numbers have increased. I would like to teach the children that exercising is very important but also that it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of the children are sitting at home playing video games or have a tablet. With this workshop I would like them to know how to have a good posture in your daily life, what kind of exercising you can do without equipment. You can work out with just your bodyweight and sometimes it might seem tougher than with the equipment. A main reason to train with your bodyweight is to be athletic. Your movement will always be functional and athletic. That’s the main reason I want to give workshops to the community. The children must know that exercising is very important at that young age.

It never gets easier.


The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow